Lyrics to Baby Doll
Baby Doll Video:
Baby doll, do you wanna live
In a long lost meadow far away
With willow trees that weep all around
The tall grass in which you lay

Do you want to be golden, seeing flowers
With long green tails holding crowns
And smell them, sleeping while your legs melt
Softly like the sun swells out

Stomp out fires that lash you huddle
Sleeping on stilts that lean like a bottle
And your house is crooked and withering painfully
Creaking its beams while the wind whistles through them
And your time is passing so fast and yet slowly
You get what you want in your lonely holding

And then it is raining, 'cause Halloween is coming
So close you can smell it right against your face
And you're walking quickly through the wet stone city
So loud all around you because you are late
And there's no disguise that it's quite fitting for you
Except in the eyes of the people you walk by
And there's no disguise that's so often worn by you
As the one in the eyes of the people who know you
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