Lyrics to Baby Doll
Baby Doll Video:
I see your smile, I see your eyes
I don't understand I can't figure out why
I fell so hard, I fell so fast
Over you, over you

You're my white rose, my baby doll
You know I've been waiting forever for you to call
And if you ever doubt that just read this
Yeah 'cause it's all for you, only you

And I love you and I need you
Baby doll
My baby doll

Well I fear your anger, I feel your pain
I've been there before and you're
behind me just the same
You've been like an angel to me
Yeah, on my shoulder every day

I love you and I miss you
When you leave

I see the sunset in your eyes
when you turn to kiss me goodbye
It's beautiful, you're so damn beautiful

I love you, I need only you
My baby doll, baby doll
I love you
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