Lyrics to Baby Doll
Baby Doll Video:
Oh Baby DollThey tried to tell me you were deaf and dumbBut I knew they were wrongYou're just a silent oneOh Baby DollThey tried ot tell me you could not feelBut I found out they tried to concealFrom you, that you were a womanWell they brought you into their laboratoryAnd tried to get you to show and tellThey wanted to hear you say that you were sorryAnd then they told you that you were conceived in hellBut Baby Doll, you knewyou knew that wasn't trueyou knew that it was themit wasn't youOh baby dollIt was so hard to know youI could not tell, I couldn't show youBut I didn't have to, 'cause you already knewOh baby dollThey had to see by touching handsWe had to dance to a silent bandand you surprised me, being so gracefulI know you can't hear these songs I singBut then they're more for me than they are for youBecause you don't need these songs, babe, like I doYeah, you knew the first time that I held you babeYou didn't have to hear how I loveOh baby dollThey tried to tell me you were deaf and dumbBut I knew that they were wrongAnd you were just the lonely one

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