Baby Do Those Things Lyrics

Dave Hollister

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Lyrics to Baby Do Those Things
Baby Do Those Things Video:
Intro: Hey baby,come on over here and sit down
I want to tell you how you make me feel

1st vs: Let me tell you about few things that turns me on
Just the little bitty things that make this love so strong
Like how you push your hair back from over your face
Bit your lip when you want me to come and taste

Chorus:Make that face that you do when we're loving
Make that sound that you make when we're hugging
You know what I mean
Baby do those things that you only do for me
Close your eyes like you do when you kiss me
Send that face that you send when you miss me
You know what I mean
Baby do those things that you only do for me

2nd vs:Subtle way that you nudge me in the middle of the night
It's just way of letting me know that the time is right
You give me singles that nobody else can understand
How you trimble at the slightest little touch of my hand

1st bridge:Cause you know
You know when I want it,you put nothing extra on it
It's just the simple things that you
You know how I like it and I ain't afraid to try it
As long as I am trying with you
Cause only you can understand
Just how to treat your man
That's the reason that I made you my wife
You always keep it real
You know just how I feel
See you made a difference in my life

repeat Chorus:

2nd bridge:Can I get a witness in here?
Somebody knows what I'm talking about
Only heaven knows
(Only heaven knows how you make me feel)
I can't explain it
(I can't explain it but I know that it's real)
I know that it's real
(I won't trade for the world even if it cost
me my life)

repeat Chorus
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