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Elemeno P

Elemeno P

Lyrics to Baby Come On
Baby Come On Video:
Here's a little story that should be told
With a whole lotta heart and a little bit of soul
Well we're all stuck in dead end jobs
But the party's out the back
So Baby come on!

Tired of the friction
I could use a little fiction
Just an ounce of satisfaction
Take a break from all this social medication

Apathy and entropy
Is standing right in front of me
And laughing through my TV screen
I am thinking of the rent

Woah oh oh oh
Let's go Lady
Come on go crazy
It's on now Baby
Come on
So Baby come on

They're dancing in the backstreets
I'm still staring at the spreadsheet
I am filling out the fax sheet
I am wrestling with MYOB

Freedom at my fingertips
Tonight we're on an ego trip
On Monday we can pay for it
I'm thinking about the rent

Woah oh oh oh

What you got, What you need, It clashes
See the world through tinted glasses
Start a riot, You'll need some matches
Getting Ready, Ready Steady Go
My credits good to ride on
Tonight our dreams are neon
Don't pull the plug on me it's
On and on and on

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