Baby Come Back Lyrics

K-Ci & JoJo

Love Always

Lyrics to Baby Come Back
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[Verse 1]
I was a fool to let you go
Let you walk right out my door
It was a bad mistake I made
And i regret it to this day
If I had a second chance
Girl i promise I'd make it last
So tonight I erase my pride
If you let me back inside


Baby come back
Baby come back to me
I don't want to be free
Baby come back to me
Baby come back
[Repeat 2x]


Over and over I try to forget you
But it seems too hard
My feelings for you I can't disregard
You're not my baby anymore baby
All I want is to bring your love back baby
It's not about sex baby
You're the best lady
Please have baby
Forever my lady

[Repeat chorus until end]
Songwriters: Roser, Fred / Garrett, Derrick L / Braxton, Andrew Wilson Iii / Marcellino, Gene Kenneth / Marcellino, Jerry / Larson, Mel / Hailey, Joel M / Hailey, Richard Cedric
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