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Lyrics to Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines
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She was five foot four
With some money on the floor
And box thats hidden under her bed
I was only twenty two
With a pocket full of truth
But I gave her everything that I had
We were born and raised in the golden state
Mommy's gone and daddy's doing his best
I was brought up great living section 8
Social security is paying the rent
The landlord called she said you gotta go
Little one you just lost your

She was five foot four
Getting money on tour
But her socks were at the end of my bed
Got our names tattooed on eachother
Just to prove to eachother
That we'd do what we said
Only took a few days
'til our minds were made up
And we thought we should try it again
I was only 17 when we first tried things
When she first made me feel like a man

Who am i gonna call?
Whos gonna catch me when i-
Whos the one you're sleeping with?

Dont you sit in front of me
And wait for me to talk
You can call me up
Phone works 2 ways you know
This time baby
I think that i'll be just fine
And I wish I could say the same for you
I, yeah I do
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