Lyrics to Babtized By Fire
Babtized By Fire Video:
Girl I know you're out for the money, flesh for gold, diamond and fur
We've seen you workin' on every guy in this town
Tradin' in your voodoo for the bible of who's who

All of your dreams you're searching for gold
I'm not too blind to see your kind

You were baptized by fire, painted by rain
Under the spell, feelin' no shame
Baptized by fire, to you it's a game
You were baptized by fire

From out of the trash, to burn in desire
Still this pourin' rain in your heart
Will keep you spinning in the same direction
Can't you feel it ripping your world apart

All of your dreams, you're searching for gold
I'm not too blind to see your kind


It's a sign of the times, how people mess with your mind
One day they say they love you, then leave you behind
It ain't you they want, it's you they haunt
And the weaker they make you, the deeper they take you
Down 'til you don't know what you feel, what do you feel
Well I know your game, it's nothin' new, so
You can say goodbye to me, 'cos I have said goodbye to you

Voodoo child, voodoo child, voodoo voodoo voodoo voodoo child

Time to take my freedom, time to take control, b
Baby 'cos I'm on a roll - hit it!


chorus repeats 2x
Songwriters: Beach, Reb / Winger, Kip
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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