Lyrics to Babe, I'm Just Scared
Babe, I'm Just Scared Video:
Throwing up my hands a little bit
Making your demands and giving it just the right control to manifest your goal
Blowing in the wind I fought off my dad's visited sins
Well, sort of, he's still playing a role but he ain't got my soul
Taking out the trash you've given
Spending all the cash, you're living high above the clouds, breaking all our vows
Saw you in the dark the other day, friends tell me you're great, why wouldn't they?
Why you still so loud if you're living in "the now" today?

Babe. I'm just scared

See you at a meeting or somewhere
Your eyes are defeating me here
I still feel the pain; I still feel the same
Your smile is genuine, or something
For a while you let me in but nothing constant
Once remains and parts of you have changed

Babe, I'm just scared

And I get scared of life
And I get scared of getting older without
I get scared of time
I get scared of the words that slip out of my mouth

Babe, I'm just scared

You smile from cheek to cheek and everyone tells me I should speak
But maybe I'm seeking something new, something's coming through
Our love was a gift, well to me it was
I ain't reframing it, that's because no matter what you do I will always love you, babe

Babe, I'm just scared
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