Baayo (The Orphan) Lyrics

Youssou N'Dour

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Lyrics to Baayo (The Orphan)
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If God could turn me into a pigeon
A golden pigeon or a turtle dove
I could fly to my homeland
At Douwayra
Back home where my folks are
If God could give me everything I wish for
Long life, happiness and prosperity
Then I would live always beside
Those who are dear to me
My parents and my friends
While I was in France
Learning more about art and life
One terrible phone call
Summoned me home
Where I found
My mother was already dead and buried
Orphan, Orphan, Orphan
Mama, Mama, Mama, my darling mother
Papa, Papa, Papa, my dear father
Oh Mother most kind
Oh Father full of pity
What sadness when they go
How sacred is the family
Mama, Mama, Mama Aissata
Samba Boubou Yacine Wade
Mother of Fatou, mother of Mama
Mother of Laye Malle and of Chillo
Of Ndeye Khar and of Ndeye Gaye
Of Hameth Malle and Baaba Baidy Baaba Debbo
Ah Mama Aissata Khar Sano Saar and Nar Sarr
Ah Aissata Samba Boubou Yacine
Ah Mama!
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