Lyrics to Ba Da De
Ba Da De Video:
Chorus (4x)I be the nigga representin' da southBa da de bowWe be luvSlangin' dopeSprayin' someHittin' licksFuckin' tricks[Verse 1]Speakin' of fuckin' tricksSome of them suckin' dickEven they stank is sickYou know who's hittin' licksGettin' wetFrontin' 'bout a MD ballasStrappin' up then tryin' to be shot callasServin' the hustlasBorn for the blockThey might hit low so they tell us to copA cut, cut, cut and a chop, chop, chopBitches hittin' switches like a cha, cha, chaRun for shopWe can't get robbedBitches gettin' highSo it's head, booty copHoes suckin' dicks like lollipopsIf a nigga slick robberThen a nigga gettin' droppedWhereva ya from do ya do it like ya do itCuz where we from we gonna do it like we do itIn my "A"Representin' weak in disCatch a booty while i'm kickin' thisMy nigga hittin' fronta this shitI know, thought ya knowWhen ya hear reality flowPlus I know doughSpendin' chrome for the goldSkee-lo ya knowHot house smoke jos'Grindin' ya knowChorus (4x)[Verse 2]I've neva seen frontin' my adviceFuck niggas betta think twiceA bama wit a dew shit ain't nuthin' niceBut 'cha niggas wanna doI hunt yo ass like a gold sweaty liver headed jewGamblin' all my riches awayBut that's okI can go rob for that shit the next dayRobbin' for bricks and ki'sPuttin' dealers on their kneesTo survive ??? what a nigga needNow I beJet mail like a rubber venomAnd playaz hatazI'm still spittin' slugs in 'emMakin' money like LutchieHustlin' for coochieTryin' ta make a million dollars livin' all in ???Spittin' bricks like a gymnistGettin' dope from buyer Prez ClintonCan't mop for the albumShit we still got connectionsIf I go I still like to when i'm highI thought I be stuck tryin' ta make fuckin' pigs flyGet connected to my music like Tre to his basketballMakin' sure ya rhyme in this industryAnother fallIf ya think this dream belongs to youNever goneConsider gone gamblin' wit this dudeSo I started makin' lil' chump changeI still the same nigga ain't a damn thing changedBridge (2x)Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, niggaHaha, Luc Duc fo' tha 99 to the 2009Let's ride, let's rideOne to tha one to tha one check twoHit 'em on tha micNigga stir me like stewLil' Cross says fuck you and your crewEight six nigga like a stick in that dudeI'm tha same, balla ballaBless your chain, balla ballaI don't stop until I'm highI'ma smoke until I dieRideChorus (4x)

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