Lyrics to B Drive
B Drive Video:
Who gives a shit what makes the flowers grow?
Every time I come here I feel like this. Every time.
I can think about you two all I want to.
Do you not think I know where you've been?
This song's for everyone else
who knows what it's like to be held in your armsâ??
who has kissed you more times than I have.
There's no time quite like the time to give up.
You are in my mind.
You're the itch I can't scratch and the sleep I can't grasp.
God, how I wish I was joking.
I lied when I said the sun shines.
I feel something for you but I don't know what it is.
So many times I believed what you said just because you said it.
These leaves blow across the ground more lightly than I feel.
This knife feels pretty good coming from you.
You're the only one that matters.
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