Lyrics to B-F-B
B-F-B Video:
there's no room in these empty halls,
this place is hallowed, i slip and fall
my body rots into the ground,
now there's millions of ghosts around,
shadows of their former selves,
there's few who chose to enter this hell
their minds wander back to better days,
back when they still had something to say

Goddamn! This is getting to me
I can't believe! I didn't see
Goddamn! This has got to end here
You're led like sheep, so full of fear

bring their lies to the ground
we can only be led on for so long
we can only be led on for so long
when obedience means slavery
i can't believe in fate and just sit around
you know we'll come back around

now in search of a better day
i need to escape all the decay
useless bodies without minds
so full of disease, that makes them blind


fresh off the press another copy is made
blank stares in all directions
let's overcome this infection
let's overcome, time for intervention
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