Away My Silent Lover Lyrics

Willis Earl Beal

Acousmatic Sorcery

Lyrics to Away My Silent Lover
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I just wanted to be
so much better than me
But I lost the talisman
so I could not be free

And the ladies they watch
as I sneer through my scarves
And I smirk mischievously
And imagine they had the hearts

Then I got up and left
And I turned a corner right
Though I could not keep my rent
There were shadows in my sights

As I shuffle through the dark
I was a heading to the park
But I did not become afraid
When I heard he dogs starts to bark

It might have been cold or warm
But I did not seem to care
I was waving my arms
in the aeromatic air

Then I fell to the ground
But I heard a million sounds
There were whistles there were bells
There were screams and exploding shells

I found teeth marks in my thigh
And I started to cry
no longer wanted to try
But I did not ask why

Then your hollow, hollow face
Was emerging from the willow trees
Though I could not see your eyes
I continued to gaze with ease

And away my silent lover
You're just changing with the grass
Oh so slowly you float
Oh so so gracefully you pass

And I do not see you smile
You don't talk, you don't laugh
You're the Shepard of my sheep
The keeper of my golden calf

And your love is truly true
Mysterious, handsome too
In the wind and in the rain
Never had to be pursued

When I'm cold and in the gutter
I simply shut my eyes so tight
Sitting warm it makes me shudder
And I soon feel alright

And away my silent lover
One day will shall be together
There will remain no contemplation
No more schemes or endeavors

When my heart disintegrates
And my voice is no more
We'll eternally be mates
From the horizon to the shore

But for now it's all nostalgia
You're a cinematic spector
Cast your image from the blinds
By the glow of the old projector

And away my silent lover
And away my silent lover

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