Lyrics to Awakened To Be Used
Awakened To Be Used Video:
Unfolding Psychic powers, At the feet of the Master, Wise ones seers of truth, Awakened to be used! Taken all I had, look as though I am mad, My Dark soul - Heart - Pain, Betrayed by god! Weak and insane, with your chants of devotion! (Young people of today are just as susceptible as he was 20 years ago to the powers of the occult) I have visions I can't understand! I must walk away from what I have seen. God hear my death cry, Wipe me from existence, don't tell me why, you never said why, don't tell me why. It was a dream within I scream. Darkened Souls betray... When will my mind dance at the feet of ishta-devata? Stop burning in the cycles of morbidity

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