Lyrics to Awake, Asleep
Awake, Asleep Video:
Come, come out of the dark
and play
Be gone, take another holiday
Don't grow
You can stay

Life, will you ever make a man of me?
And flight, is all I ever want to be
My unborn child, so much to say
The light, the spark

Scatter through the lovers' snow
Whisper in the breeze I know
You missed the greatest joke

Break, breaking is all we do
Wait, sleeping at the same time too
We're lovers
But we're stars

Grains, making another star in the sky
The planes, everything we meant to buy
With the shadow of these cars
That came, the joke

What else could I hope to know
Something always made us sure
Embers, some would say
Awake, asleep.

It's the greatest show on earth,
The whole world celebrates your birth!
One child, will never know.

(Thanks to abbie for these lyrics)
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