Lyrics to Avery
Avery Video:
Language fails me, but maybe in this guide to Japanese, or your book of Spanish phrases
Tug at my heart strings
I'll drop the ball
Hours to climb up
Seconds to fall
I reach out my hand to help you up only to see it was me alone on the floor

Where were you when all I knew was pavement?
Not the band, no I hadn't heard of them yet
You were the cool rain
You were the warm sun
You were the rare buzz after a long run
You were the moon-sliced smiling eyes
In my heart, in my dreams, in all of my songs

So I've finally found what I'm looking for in the town that my mind had been searching for
It's you in all the songs I'm singing
All of the light you bring in
Open the windows and brighten my life with you

Love, guide me through the dark night
Talk to me and hold my hand
Sing out, sing out
Sing out, sing out

Love, lead me to the daylight
Love, guide me to your sweet face
Sing out, sing out
Sing out, sing out

And I know when you call me you'll be the one I need
I'm just a heart you stole
I'm just a rolling stone
I'm not a worthy soul spending my days loving you

(Thanks to Easton for these lyrics)
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