Lyrics to Avenue
Avenue Video:
Avenue, do you have a clue,
When they walk all over you?
Tear you down, then build you new,
A thousand times all over you?
Avenue, I think I feel it too...
My line of time is changing all I knew.
When the dust comes falling, too,
I'll go from Peter Pan to Banning-blue.

Avenue, I think my heart's in two.
Do I know? Or not and say I do?
I met a girl, and she came falling through.
Now I'm alone, just stuck with only you.

But she'll be long long gone some day.
Like the street goes suddenly gone.
and I'll be round the world some day,
and you'll be left here all alone.

Avenue, I think I'll miss you too.
You're stuck cement, but I'm not stuck with you.
When it's time to go I'll write my name on you.
And you'll be alone, with part of me there too...
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