Lyrics to Avenger
Avenger Video:
I sweared by god to live my life

Far away from all the wars

Never kill and never fight.

Put my wild sword aside

Many years ago

Faithful to the Oath of Might.

But it's my uneasy fate

To never have a rest

Once again steel rules the land.

And I'm ready to requite

Restore the Law of Peace

Time is right for my revenge.

The die is cast, you can't avoid

Our final fatal fight

The stronger one is always right.

And I bet you are afraid

Of an honest fair fight

Face to face, sword shining bright.


You leave behind on your way

The dreadful bloody trace

But you'll be gone without a sign.

For all your crimes you'll answer once

You'll answer on your knees

Here's the last and final line.

Oh, you will damn that very hour

You've seen the light of day

So beware, devil's son!

I seek revenge, run if you can

Expect no mercy, man

I will get you pretty soon.

How you lusted to control

The human race by evil might

Make the world feel constant fright.

You are weak and you can't change

Life. And holy sweet revenge

Now your punishment's in sight.

Chorus: ................

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