Lyrics to Autumn Days
Autumn Days Video:
lookin' at you hoping you'll look up at me
i'm hoping for something that i'll never see
i've gotta stop holding onto your hand,
leaning on you so i can stand

gotta learn to stand on my own two feet
but something's pushing down on me
i dunno what to do, dunno what to say
but i gotta get out of here some day


autumn days, passing away
autumn days
autumn days, passing away
autumn days

i knew that i was drowning,
you knew the river was there
you sucked me into the whirlpool
with your addictive stare

i got washed away by the current
i thought i could hold my own
couldn't control my attraction to you
please won't you just take me home?


i wish that i could tell you
the way i feel for you
but i just can't express myself,
all that stuff just clouds my view

now i see what i saw in you before,
i can't stand stuff like this no more
so is it her or is it you
there's so much i want to do

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