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That Hideous Strength


Lyrics to Austere_ Who Cares_
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Fear. It's a burden. So be aware of good intentions
Though I am trying my hardest not to close my mouth.
I am not trying to drown.
Even though I'm not budging.
Count the callous out and count me in.
I am not budging
I will bear the eight of a thousand days unsold
Have heart, because I was ready.
I am trying always, my patience is so thin.
Well I'll be here with sin.
How can I alone find ways to be so over my kin, my very blood?
These conditions aren't lenient so stand back and watch me go.
How hard can I try when I cut off this place and come home.
I weighted soul and way to be
I am not budging
And I shouted out \"Where were you?\"
I'm not budging.
We're all trying to live this out
We're all trying to live this down
So let's settle this like strangers and cast a vacant glance
Let's settle this like strangers. Trusting.
With silent heart unstuck I realize the times. The hate that I've endured has tired my own eyes. And with my face and hands, relive how you died and how we live through and how we end. My God some lies will not budge. As my heartache was and my patience has gone awry, my own heart has finally failed. Back track to live or die and I can find that better way

(Thanks to john for these lyrics)
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