Lyrics to August
Goodbye, my sunshine, my love

Such a trait
You rant us, there's no right to choose
Spilled the blood, took a stain in your own book
Across the pages, over the edges
You know the world could do without you
We all know there was more than this
You can't deny you didn't know all that
When pushing someone to the edge
Is oppression, a decision made

It's easy for you to say
You know how some people breathe no more
Try to emphasise, feels so mesmerised
We know how things can go all so wrong

Pray, pray, your emptiness is despicable
Paralysed in your mind
Pushed August away and brought in the fall
Just fuck y'all

As we faced the final sunrise
Never knew this was the last
Goodbye, my sunshine, my love
Given it all, a hurricane
Always part of the history
So goodbye, my sunshine, my love

Let it sink in deeo
Nothing will ever compare
Against the truth, the world does not have your back

There's one new pair of angel wings in heaven
So goodbye, my sunshine, my loe
Just fuck y'all