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Lyrics to Attention Guarantee
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There's something about a crush that I just can't resist.
The aggravation I feel when all I wanna do is kiss.

You're gonna feel it too, the way I'm gonna be treating you.
I'll torture you endlessly the way confusion tortures me.

Stop all of your blushing around my name
say it it a hundred times more.
there's nothing to my ice cold reception. Icicles melt as you near the door.
I don't wanna waste anytime with
you don't look elsewhere but to me.
I don't want anything from you except your attention guarantee.

You can bore me with stories of higher love,
and I will spin you a story of all the romance I'm sick of.
But if you ever ignore me that's when I'll start adoring your new hair.
When those lashes flicker: Retreat.
Bunker down heart. Ready combat!!


Only ringing on my phone when you're all alone.
Silence most nights 'cuz you're never home.
Out there scanning. Ego too demanding.
You'll never be happy with a heart abandoned.

So what is wrong with me?
The key's not a master but I'm TNT.
Forget it! Intrigue fatigue.
You'll never have love and there's your guarantee.

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