Attack Of The Clones Lyrics

Carrie Fletcher

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Lyrics to Attack Of The Clones
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Who i am hates who ive been but now im me for sure im gonna let you in i really hope you know what your letting yourself in for you may think im pathetic just an average girl but someday girl like me will take over the world and when the revolution rises ill be at your door im a fairyale princess who wont behave im a damsel in distress you just cant save. Im me im just me and that allill ever be yeah so what im on my own at least im nothing like you hollywood clone im proud to be a little different and a little crazy i get in trouble for speaking my mind if you look beneath the skin i think you'll find that tye way you look and act together always seems to amaze me im a rock chick princess who you cant control Ill give everything i do my heart and soul Im me im just me and thats all ill ever be ive tried to please you but i cant be something im not So ill be who i want to be and give it everything ive got im a fairytale princess who wont behave ill live fast die young im standing in my grave

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