Lyrics to Atropos
Atropos Video:
Say you'll try,
If we wouldn't make it known.
It's certainly a side that I control and I hate.
Here's the night holding down the sun and making stars
and chasing the crowd until the final wait.

It's taken me over.
Breaking it all down in long divides.
It's taking it's toll.
I'm trying and dying; believe this while you're holding me by the hand.

She don't know.
She won't learn.

He opens the blinds to let all the light shine down.
She opens her wings,
he waits to shield her from the ground.
She just flew away.
she couldn't stay and comfort all.
It's all been a dream,
all been a dream 'til now.

It's taken me over.
No one should know this,
why should you
It's taken its role
in choosing the wars that I choose and lose.

She don't know you.
She won't notice you.

She's chosen that on this night she'll leave his side alone.
All this time, it's only been a weight on me.
It's only in your mind.
Only in your mind.

It's taken me over.
No one should know....
what's inside.

It's taken me nowhere...
this novice desire.

She is the heat in all this cold,
strength enfolds.
She's free and more than I will know.

Show me how to let it go,
show me now.
It's taken me over,
No one has to know.
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