Lyrics to Atlantis
Atlantis Video:
Rising up the crystal dome of life before the final war Breaks the waves of sea and air to save us from a deadly fall Coming up from far below Ocean floors unknown to man The Sentinel waited silently Until the time was right again Civilization's seeds Sown so very long ago Almost ripened to their peak But how were they supposed to know Nurtured very carefully Guided on their preset path The Sentinel waited silently But his experiment went wrong The eyes of the world looked in fright To the seas ablaze with light And it moved ever closer Round the World Machines they all stood still Fingers reaching out as one Poised in fear obliged to kill Continents united Against the common foe The fist and last occasion But the fools would never know Alpha and omega The first-born and the last The vast dome of Atlantis Cracked and shuddered beneath the blast Sinking back to whence they came The young could not realize The original plan would now succeed Due to their selfless sacrifice The sea boiled again As Atlantis descends to its place far below Now the World has joined hands as one All the World now Join their hands as one

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