At The Search And Destroy Party Lyrics

Astrid Oto

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Lyrics to At The Search And Destroy Party
At The Search And Destroy Party Video:
you exploited it you abandoned it
we adopted reared and raised it
now that it's full grown
you've come to claim it
claim away
let the flash bulbs flash
you thought you would look back and laugh
now you've come back
looking for the cash

but we are not your stepping stone
don't try that again
you joined the establishment instead of
working to build up your own community

how does it feel
discarded by the mainstream
you've come back saying
we owe you something

you talked the talk
we walked the whole damn walk
off a short pier
we're an embarrassment
to everyone here

cuz we believe what you said
we lived what you only pretended
we stuck around all these years
now we're here uninvited
to remind you who's child it really is

what have you done
for me lately
you didn't make us didn't create us
go back in that hole you dug
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