At The Nineteenth Sublevel Lyrics


Demo Noir

Lyrics to At The Nineteenth Sublevel
At The Nineteenth Sublevel Video:
Ground floor, I pass through the gate
Visceral sentinels have spoken:
"Drown! Succumb to the sway of cosmic tides"
My mind inside my greater mind
My body, lateral to itself
Frayed, larger than the sums of each part

Closer to nineteen
Quest is lost in cobwebs
The door, my only fix

Mind now aloof to its once captive body
Floating towards the handle, a collective self-portrait

Lost and more lost still
As I descend the levels of cerebral composure
The smell of cancerous, concrete entrails
Brings on an early farewell to coherence

Here at the landing of the nineteenth sublevel
Nothing do I recall of previous existence
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