At The End Of The New Testament Lyrics

Apostasy (Chl)

Sunset Of The End

Lyrics to At The End Of The New Testament
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Listen now and understand the final prophecy
Before the return of Jesus Christ, must come the apostasy
Overshadowed is the world, the moon is turned to blood
7 churches, 7 plagues, 7 golden torches.

Ephesus, sardis............ alpha omega,
Smyrna, tiatir................ 10 days in hell,
Prgamus, laodice......... dreagon's throne,
Philadelphia................. Babilon.

21 old aged people setaen on 24 chairs
The lion, the bull, the eagle, the man,
Who's worthy to break the stamps?
No the world is ruled by the lamb
A white horse with an archer on his loin
A red horse with the hunger on his back
A yellow horse, hades is his court
Kill with sword, the death is the horseman
At the end of the new testament!

The sun turns to black, the earth is shake
The skies spit down the stars, the death is raze
Sacrifice the heads of the seven kings
The beast of the hells spreads his wings

Hall, blood and fire were thrown on the earth
Absinth, locusts, dark, I'd rather be dead (but I can't)
1000 corged cut, sea now is red
5 months of torture, abaddon is here
Abaddon is here, destruction!!!

The parturient is sign of all mankind
Red monster like fire ready to defile
Ascending from the ocean, 7 head and 10 horns
Blasphemous words to rule the world
Worshipping the beast, hail! six, sixtysix

Sacrificied ram, blood on the ground,
The wrath og god, 7 horns shall sound,
The pagan one, no way to run,
We go to hell, the evil land.
Who is the wise... to decipher?

The evil cipher, the human number,
The human number, the human number,
The human number, who is the wise?

Last battle will be in Meguido's hill,
The fall of Babylon (bitch) the grand,
hungry valtures devouring his prey,
They still believe in god's relief.

Continents sinking
The weeperman
Fall of humanity,
Sunset of the end,
The new Jerusalen,
The verb of god?
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