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Boyd Rice

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Lyrics to Assume The Position
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Oppression is the opiate of the masses
People generally get off on it
Those at the bottom thrive under conditions of oppression
And those at the top revel in imposing such conditions
Human nature demands it

Society, exactly as it now exists
Is the ultimate expression of sadomasochism in action

This isn't S&M as a mere game
There's no role-playing involved
The roles are all real
With real masters and real servants
There's no dressing up required to be a player in this enactment
You don't have to wear your handkerchief in a certain pocket to signal your position as a sadist or masochist either
You simply assume the position

This is sadomasochism not as a fetish, but in practical application
The sting of the riding crop is replaced by a more generalized sort of malaise
But when all is said and done
It is still an expression of people luxuriating in pain and submission

To say that people love to suffer is viewed as decadent cynicism by many
But a cursory glance at the world around us would definitely seem to support such a thesis
How telling it is that even in the context of a system created in absolute ignorance of man's true character
He remains true to his nature regardless
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