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Lyrics to Assassin Nation
Assassin Nation Video:
We do hereby declare reality uncapped
By the changing standards of dialogue, statements, such as
Keep it real, especially when (?) or anticipatin modes of ultra violence
Inflicted psychologically on a particular (?)
Motherfuckers better realize

My nigga's talkin that real shit
Y'all niggas talkin that fake shit
Talkin 'bout how you gon' kill shit
My nigga don't quit ya day shift
Talkin that pull up in Wraith shit
Pourin a cup of that grave shit
But when a nigga get kilt off
Y'all niggas won't even say shit
How a nigga s'posed to make it
Evr'ybody hatin, speakin on the greatest
Niggas be sayin that I'm underrated
I just be sayin that it's undebated
I could just pull up on 'em unabated
I put this gun up on him and he fainted
Nah, I don't even wanna spray it
Cause, that ain't even how I play it
I, used to be a Young Thug
Now the Future bright, and I ain't gotta say it
I, used to sell drugs
I bought grams, I ain't even had to weigh it
Now, I'm just tryin to be creative
Like an Amadeus, crackers tryin to play us
They don't wanna pay us, that is overstated
We let 'em take over what we created
Music and evil, that shit is related
Say Ran better stop this
Might not wanna drop this
Cause a million dollars got Pac hit
It'll take shit to get you clipped
And that's true shit, and I knew this
But I choose this cause ain't nobody else gon' do shit
You know what they say about loose lips
And I might sink that cruise ship
And you might think this dude's sick
Cause it's Eazy to be Ruthless
I be thinkin revolutionary
I'm just tryin to make it legendary
I'm just tryin to make it bigger than
Any legend in the cemetery
I be studyin the God degree
But I seen a couple of robberies
I been gettin all of these dark figures
Now they callin me a Prodigy
Never let the haters bother me
Better take a major artery
I been loyal to the game, playa
Never breakin the monogamy, it's hard for me

Man, these niggas soundin pitiful
I ain't the one for subliminals
They only attack the peripheral
I'ma make sure that it's visible
So you can see me like a bulletin
Face the feat, got the footage in
I was still loyal while losin friends
Stood behind bars like the hooligans
Tell these new niggas I'm movin in
They gotta find a location
Make sure my line is quotations
I better find the notations
I'm up to bat with no bases
The flow be over niggas' heads
They like to relax in the basement
I ain't got time to show patience
I ain't got time to show basics
Somebody tell 'em to tighten up
For years they been killin and fightin us
When are we gon' break the cycle up?
They murder all the sheep
'til we turn to wolves on 'em, my nigga, they Lycan us
But still they ain't likin us
When I'm typin up, gettin robbed every verse
I just be givin these diamonds up
Something they should be appraised more
You don't always get what you pay for
Some were born rich and became poor
Don't let your spirit escape, boy
They ain't even seen your beast yet
Find the beauty in the rejects
Then you'll turn into a deep threat
Never hesitate to pull up from anywhere
Shit is like a (?)
I'm bringin sand to the beach next
While you can't even get ya feet wet
James, my name ain't LeBron though
I can assist you like Rondo
I got juice like I came in a bronco
Juice like it came with a combo
No J's, no chains
None of the things that these hoes praise
Just a crazy drive, that's road rage
If you on my street, you need a road cage
And there's no shade
A lot of rappers suck, but they propane
Cause y'all gas 'em up
Got the culture lookin bad as fuck
When we speak on it, y'all get mad at us, but
All these niggas got the same sound
Different circus with the same clowns
We heard your story, you can change now
Talkin loud, sayin nothin James Brown
Rest in peace to The Godfather
These niggas be lackin that soul
They trade it for fabric and gold
I'm placin it back at the throne, like

Every so called gender, race
Sexual preference, every person as beings of sound
To acknowledge their responsibility to uplift the consciousness
Of the entire fuckin world
Other (?) unaimed, will be disclaimed
Will be maimed to rappers slain
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