Lyrics to Asleepers Union
Asleepers Union Video:
You know who built this house
and you know who will tear it down.
It broke the back of the trees in the forest.
It brought the rats to theor knees in the city.

You thought you were safe
you thought you were strong.
A kiss and a cough, now everyone's gone.

The anchor's away,
and the co-host's in crisis.
The mice they will play
while the loin's in stasis.
Everyone prays that the facts are to blame
When the TV goes off-
their make up remains.

Tenitus sets in.
The night is so young
but we're waiting for him.
The witness is singing
but we won't let her win.

This suit fits much to tight
still I'll wear it on my wedding night.
I'm in over my head in a shallow waterbed.
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