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Lyrics to Ashes To Ashes
Ashes To Ashes Video:
Ravished from our paradise
A crack in the mirror
I know it's too late
So full of life
But there it lies
Etched on my iris
But i try not to think of your

You swore to god in veritas
And burned our skin like it burned our souls
What gentle grief by causing pain
She hid behind maples and built her a fortress of sound

Here this melody almost forgotten

I've been waiting a lifetime to show you
You're returning to heaven like dust to dust
Been waiting forever to witness your fading
Like ashes to ashes

One day we'll dance on fragile skin
Why dull the shyness I suffer in vain
The greatest scars remain within
Leaving you now with a heart black as cardinal sin

Here this melody almost forgotten


(isolation, fate, illusion)

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