Lyrics to Ashes To Ashes
Ashes To Ashes Video:
(OG)We're chillin in the LabbMy nigga JT, Bushy Moe, D-MoeWe finna do this for the Ninety-4We lay that shit like you now how mayn(OG)Ashes to ashes and dust to dustThe ghetto is turnin' into a fuckin' head rushWhen I was young I used to sittin' or fantasizeBut now I understand that I was born to dieLookin' out the window of a 10 story projectI ask the question - how harder can the ghetto get?Killer's beein born to take the place of other killersBabies growin up to be notorious dope dealersNever went to school my school was the streetsMy only diploma was the motherfuckin rap sheetAfter a while no more juvenile for meI graduated to the state penitentaryWalkin' the yard with my partners out of FillmoeKillers stick together cause thats the way the game goBut in this game there's no one you can trustSo ashes to ashes and dust to dust(D-Moe)That's real niggaStraight for the Ninety-4GLPPeep the 2nd crush(OG)Tryin to stay alive or survive ain't no joke , maynOften I feel I'm playin a russianroulettegameSometimes it feels like a nightmareBut when I wake up my problem is still thereCan't get a job and that ain't helpin' a damn thangSo I resulted to the streets and slangin caineWe used to use knifes because knifes were for toughestBut now we use automatics, pistols, grips and pumpsTo kill again is a way of lifeDope fiends killin' one another over base pipesNever took the time to get close to my familyCause it's my family that's constantly gettin me"Freddy's Dead" cause he was livin for the colaKnocked or smooth another young high rollerCause in this game there's no one you can trustSo ashes to ashes and dust to dust(D-Moe)The game ain't gon stop for ya, mayneYou either stick wid itOr you gotta get up outta(D-Moe)Life in the fast lane cocaine dope gameOnly the players changeThe game stays the sameSo I continue to keep my composureSurvivin in the ghetto and livin like a soldierI keep my hand on my NineCause the other side of midnight is nothin but hard timeBlack cats creepinRats in the gutter and dope fiends tweakinSometimes I feel I'm the cause of itBut now I realize the devil's just bullshitCause how can I be to blameWhen 20 million other niggas doin' the same thangI'm gettin in where I fit inCause winners never lose and losers never winCause in the ghetto survival is a mustSo ashes to ashes and dust to dust(D-Moe)And it's straight like that, mayneThat real shitOnly for my real motherfuckersAnd that's how we doin it in the 9-4And we're outta hereJust like thatAshes to ashes and dust to dustAshes to ashes and dust to dustAshes to ashes and dust to dustAshes to ashes and dust to dustFor the 9-4For the nigg-aniggy-niggy-niggy 9-4Yeah, for the 9-4We bout to tear this shit up, hoeTear it up, yoFor the 9-4And we're out for the 9-4

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