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Lyrics to Ascending To Clarity
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Tonight the stars die.
The needles dance like fireflies.
With static comes the landslide ? sincere.
So cut the remedy that kept us from infinity.
This anthem of our misery,
Is burnt into our ears.
Somehow things get lost in the translation.
The silence to sound,
The beauty and frustration are keeping you down.

Things could be not so better off.
Things could be not so real,
Like bullet holes and breaking hearts.

Do you have memories of all the nights
When we were here
All of mine have disappeared
In the slow decay of time
Its ??
With empty eyes and heavy hands
Endeavoring for every
For every moment that's passed us by

I am ascending to clarity
All the world laid out in front of me

This frozen soil has thawed enough
To swallow me whole.
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