Lyrics to As Wicked
As Wicked Video:
I saw an old man on the street he was in a dumpster
lookin' for somethin' to eat he moved so slow like
a dyin' dream like a machinist who got caught in
the machine I saw this lady and she was cryin' she
said it's hard when someone you love is dyin' I
saw this kid who was about 5 years old he was in
the park all alone he was cold there's something
coming around as wicked as it may seem as
wicked as anything could be I know this girl she's
barely alive she's all haggard she's only twenty-five
she said she never had a friend before I said "hey
girl I'll be your friend but who's keepin' score" I saw
this other little girl on the phone her mother comforts
her from far from home the little girl was very hesitant
her best friend lie dead on the pavement I always
end up back on the hill lookin' down at the landfill I
always go there when I can my friend Marty said
Tim you're a lucky man

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