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As I lay awake on these sheets of crimson
I am reminded of an oath made to me
That there would never be a day
When I would feel unwanted by your eyes or by your heart
The past comes to fruition, and now we both see ourselves
Without the hindrance of a past time
Wounds like these seem to open, once inhabited cocoons
And like the pain, it is born into my soul
We've lost our way now that your light has faded
Day by day, into the night sky
How could we have become so wrong?
How could you truly know what's in my heart
All that was good in me has died in your arms tonight
How could I sit back and watch all the poison in the world collapse in your heart?
Your light now haunts the absence of a true-felt heart
Your light as died out in this darkness
These dark skies prove more for me
How do I turn my heart and walk away?
How could openness bring so much lies?
So fucking much deceit
My way home lost for ever under my starless skies
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