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Lyrics to As The Memories Of Slavs Awake
As The Memories Of Slavs Awake Video:
Each time when I walk alone
Each time when I wander along
Along the valley of the forest deep
I can feel presence of the sleeping ones, not dead yet
Dreaming their ancient dreams
As they lay hidden in solitude

In honour and pride, at the midnight ride
Every day and night, with every minute spent
Multifaced deities reveal from beyond the mist
The mist I have pictured within my mind
As the memories of Slavs awake....
Gathered under Carpathians
We are the rocks of pagan age

Hearken and remember:
SWARASIZ - Elder and the Highest of Lutic tribe
Remember SVENTEVITH, and hearken to his horn
Remember RUGIEVITH, creature of seven faces
Remember TRIGLAV, the Omnipotent three-headed one
Hearken to PERUN's voice of power
Remember TURUPIT, remember PIZAMAR
Hearken to the Omniscient ones
Remember STRIBOG, who rides the mighty winds
Hearken to TJARNAGLOFI, the elements of darker side
Remember SIMARGL, forever veiled in mystery
Remember RADEGAST, remember GEROVITH
Hearken to the Ones whose eyes are ominious

Remember all those names
Covered by the dust of centuries
Hearken to inner voice of universal memory
And remember: the heathen age belongs to us!
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