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Lyrics to As The Gods Succumbed
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In the dawn of time
the golden age of peace
in Valhalla
will it ever come to an end?

The blows of destiny
brought down on their heads
tortured Gullveig
the cause of the first wars

now murdered
the beginning of the ordeal
the Twilight of the Gods

Era of warfare - hatred
valkyries range in battles
evil dreams - psychic torture
trouble the sleep of the Aesir

Before the body of Balder
the Aesir swear an oath
to avenge bitterly
the war broke out all over the Earth

Brother slay brother
eager to destroy each other
the world is going to sink
into the abyss of nothingness

All the great gods died in the field
the Earth sank beneath the sea
as it emerged from the waves
the dawn of a new generation was beginning...
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