As The Forest Speaks To Me Lyrics

Howling Syn

Forebearers Of Dusk

Lyrics to As The Forest Speaks To Me
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As the forest speaks to me I cannot deny my sins
I was trying to forget all the things that were left unsaid
I see the old witch coming by to kiss my soul away

We know you better than yourself
We can see deep inside of you
All the good that lies within is a magic spell away

As the raven speaks to me I understand the meaning of dark
Through the woods I found my fate that was forged by witchery
Oh would you please show me the way of the path to serenity

There's a well inside of you
And we hold the divining rod
Life can be your weakest foe if you leave it in our hands

Have they discovered the face of another part of me that long before was there
and never before left a trace? Like a long awaited end, surprising hidden new friend!
Shall I cut inside myself the anger of a used man to be able to rise again in an everlasting
grace and invisible wisdom? I could never bring back home the empty feelings that kept me alive
and far from doom. Now like the shadow of someone else I walk deeply beyond myself

We have the lore to make you live
Why not end your pain at once
Your soul is a small price to pay for deliverance and peace of mind
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