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The Scarlet Letter

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Lyrics to As The Bottom Falls Out
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Eyes tear as our fingers curl theweight of the world through the veins of the youth- Bodies charged with thecurrent of conscience of fury, of horror for lives never lived- (AND DREAMS) Thecapacity to hope- A privilege lost to a terrible blindness- (OUR DREAMS) Thepotential to strive- Overwhelmed when we've barely the means to survive (DREAMSNEVER DREAMT)- Undercover of a semi-conscious enclave there is no conception ofconnection to all those who slave But in a moment of focused, devouring pain allnativity gone as the volume of grief becomes plain-as the bottom falls out-I'mso scared that we'll never know fulfillment and peace, while breathing oftragedy and shredding our lungs- but I know, with your arms on my shoulders,that our outrage is weaponry and I'm on your side.

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