As The Blood Runs Cold Lyrics



Lyrics to As The Blood Runs Cold
As The Blood Runs Cold Video:
They broke you day by day endlessly

now on their knees praying foforgivness

no mercy left inside for those who madelive living hell

payday and you're back in action

packed and armed, bloodlinedsatisfaction

no mercy for those guilty fucks

euqal who will pass your way he'll eatyour slugs

gun to their heads

finger on the trigger

good to feel godlike

you are their creation

fuel to fire

unleash the beast

make 'em burn make 'em burn

and you are their creation

sell your soul to the devil

tell your story to the world

infamous in your actions

as the blood runs cold

the bodies pile up you ask the question why

kids run amok that's why so many die
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