Lyrics to As Tears Go By
As Tears Go By Video:
Hey, where have you gone? What have you done? What have you done? I couldn´t believe it they called me this morning They said they came here too late Was it your fate? Fate or mistake? They said you´ve been leaving Without any warning Chorus: Fly over the rainbow rising high Over the hills and far away now Into the arms of our great wide open sky Don´t turn around to see me cry There comes a time we´ll meet in heaven I will sit and watche the tide As tears go by I will never forget The days when we met I´ll never forget Get out of my head It´s insane how i miss you I will never forgive Myself that i live And that you are gone Without any word And without any answer Chorus: Fly over the rainbow rising high... Will you remember my name when i see you in heaven? Will you remain just the same when i see you again? Chorus: Fly over the rainbow rising high...

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