Lyrics to As Soon As I Can
As Soon As I Can Video:
Wake up in the morning

Yawning myself awake

Take a trip to a place

Where love can catch me in it's place

I'll be there, as soon as I can

I'll see over a dozen seas

Be home before I am

Before it's too late, for love

Everyday...I take out the dog for a walk

He runs through the forest of flowers

Watching and chasin' birds through the trees

When I see the day

I say my prays before I sleep

I close my eyes

To see the morning breeze...

Just another day

I'll be there, as soon as I can

I'll stand by my own home

Be good for your father's sake

I can't think of anything but you...

I'm alone...

I'll be home...

As soon as I can...
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