Lyrics to As Of Yet
As Of Yet Video:
theres a light
outside my window
and i write
a list of all
the things i
should have said i meant to i swear

theres a light
on the corner
and i stand
all empty
and fishing for
more ways to finish silently

imperfect rhyme
my fingers slow
to match any
to be witty
lovely irony
and lessons taught by those who will never know

it smells like
raining and i
see you alone
but now im
saving face and sleeping all alone

this pavements hard and i might trip on
this list and this prayer and this year
and everything i didnt say
when i wasnt doing anything at all

biting my fingernails and
waiting for you to chase
wonder if theres a plot to untwist
or anything to see here at all

and i cant sing
my voice cracks
and i cant
or you wont
and youre not and youll never see
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