Lyrics to As Big As Christ
As Big As Christ Video:
Gotta get out of here before the rain comes in
Even though you swear up and down you're my friend
Parting won't be sweet, sweet sorrow
Thank God I won't have to wake up with you tomorrow

In the middle of this long, drawn-out session
In the middle of your gathering depression
Pardon me if I interpose a question
Big as Christ
Smaller than your life

I don't know why I feel such great dissatisfaction
Maybe I don't stand in the place where I work and take affirmative action
Baby, when I sleep around, it's a come-and-go reaction
I've been victimized, hypnotized by the latest distraction

See, I have no motivation
I have not any drive
I've got no hunger
Fascination with the higher things in life
Friends say they're so happy
Friends say they're well-fed
They're well-drugged and laid and entertained
So beautiful and deadly boring

Can't you see the landmines so well-placed underneath the skin?
Set to go off in your face
How can I hear Your voice with the noise in my head?
All the clamor for attention from the dying and the dead
Hey, can I come in my chains?
Can I come empty-handed?
Can I come empty-hearted?
You say You demand it
I lie to myself
It's long-overdue
Try to make myself believe the truth isn't true

Big as Christ
Smaller than my life
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