Lyrics to Artwork Dancing
Artwork Dancing Video:
The doctors cut the cord
and you enter this world
searching for that connection
it could be anywhere

Different states
maybe a distant country
who are you looking for?
What do they look like?
I found mine wrapped behind
my passenger seat
on the birth date of a new

Dominick held us down
while Cupid shot his arrows
the aroma of Italy and a heart
waiting to be mended by the
other half
Enscripted inside me
this is what everyone's
looking for

We are the puzzle pieces
and when we connected
it decided compatibility
judgment day in the shadow
of a celebration
and the test was taken

Desperation has its effects
like drugs inducing euphoria
and the view of improvement
but this isn't the love meant to be
and this is not supposed to shatter
like ceramic plates laid in pieces
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