Lyrics to Art Of War
Art Of War Video:
[Verse 1:]
My enemies meet the hand of the lord g's
My skin tougher than that african from warri
Hating ass niggaz I ain't sweating these fools
Coastal air let the jet refuel
You love my stunts, proceed the blunts
Put the brick on the balance make a movie
I know about swag new balance suu louie
I got love for them streets but there's too many losses
Plus all these rats I'l have feds in my fortress
I'm cautious, kush got me naucious
G550 fly past the lords kids
Pour out a lil liquor for those who died hoodrich
Pour out a lil beer for those who died pennyless
Watch how the semi kick, will smiths son
Karate kid 2 you get flipped by my gun
Huh, I'm in the house staring at these plaques
They can't see in the aston casue the tints is black
They can't see me with a ski mask and mack

[Verse 2:]
Niggaz from the hood tried to piece me
Some lil dusty niggaz from the projects smokin leaky
The mazi go beep beep your baby moms peep me
She like what you doin in the hood you belong on tv
Fuck the judge, the jury and the prosecuter
I shoot the courtroom up like the vegas shooter
Blue gator on, see my hermeez suiter
I drop a scrooge mcduck bag on your medula
My wrist colder than alaskan troopers
I do it myself I don't ask for shooters
Black diamonds lookin like an oil spill
Mo money, influence the will to kill
Po niggaz know the deal 4-10 blue steel
Revolver in my hand hold shotgun shells
Semi in my hand hold ak shells
I take you off the earth you a first class meal
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