Lyrics to Army Bound
Army Bound Video:
Some modest dreams, they just don't pay out

Some modest means don't leave much way out

In every cradle there's a grave now

In every owner there's a slave now

Heard somewhere that there is a place now

Someone who'll catch you on your way down

But in every captain there's a kid now

In every chaplain there's an id now

So make sure you keep your bunk beds made

One day you'll see your bunker walls degrade

And in every garden there's a snake now

In every pardon there's mistake now

When you fall on the ground, not a sound: army bound

When you're all no-account, no amount: army bound

When your vests (or your gowns), hand-me downs: army bound

When what's next looks unsound, shaky ground: army bound

Workin' hard for a round to the crown: army bound

While you march from your town to renown: army bound
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