Lyrics to Are You Okay?
Are You Okay? Video:
I found you last night on an acreage of concrete, both eyes hiding something we both knew was missing. If we don't find it, we can never be free. Each building enclosed in a valley of longing, with each footprint buried in the glow of our dampened city. I'll keep on this way, you can go if you need to leave. If I had told you everything, would I still feel this lonely? I try my hardest, dear, just to let you be, but you and I both know, it's never that easy. Are you okay? I think you kind of always knew that we don't have to go if you don't want to. I know you're lost but what can I do? I've written enough songs for you.

Could you please let me stay for just a little longer now? I can't go home without knowing where we fell off. I can give you some time to try and figure yourself out. If you finally got away, boxed up everything that you had found, forgot the past and ran off back to your hometown, would you still call us friends or would I still let you down? Are you okay now that you've found your way through? You didn't have to go ‘cause I didn't want you to. I know you were lost but what could I do? So all at once, please, all at once, my friends, scream until your voice has lost its innocence, “I know there's nothing I can do ‘cause I've written enough songs for you.”

Now every morning train becomes a life boat, swarmed by people stuck searching for their homes. This isn't mine, but where else can I go? Instead, I retreat into black and burrow into memories. I tell myself that you never meant anything, but we know I'm fucking lying. I am lying with everything that I say so I plant the tree lines outside, build this barricade to keep you out, dig a hole and crawl far into the ground, then lay the branches so I never see you around. I'll find some dry place and sit down on my knees, scratch the dirt until my fingers start aching, keep searching for something I think I can use and tell myself I've written enough songs for you.
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